Christmas Gifts (Continued)

Well, Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas here was awesome! Super relaxing and lots of fun for the kiddos. As promised here is another post showing you more of the gifts that I made this year.


Fist up, is a blanket I made for my nephew. I saw this blanket on interest, and you can find it HERE. It worked up really quickly, and I love how thick it came out to be. I used another baby blanket I had on hand for measurements, and ended up using a little less than 1 BIG skein of each color for the finished product.


Pretty colors, right? I coordinated them to match his nursery 🙂


Next we made a cute apron for our “Official Cake Maker”. One of my husband’s aunts makes all of our kids’ birthday cakes (and she does an amazing job!), so naturally our children refer to her as the “cake maker”. I thought it would be cute to make an official cake maker apron and gift it in a cake themed bag.


I bought a plain white apron from JoAnne’s and used fabric markers to write on the apron. To make sure everything was lined up and pretty I printed out what I wanted my wording to look like and set it behind the apron so that I could just trace everything out.  Much easier this way!


When I was all done tracing I had each child leave a cute little hand print on the apron with some black fabric paint. This part didn’t work out as well as I had imagined, so I had to dabble a little more paint over each of their handprints.


Using a handy-dandy cello bag and some festive ribbon I put all my cake themed goodies and apron together. Pretty isn’t it? 🙂

For this next gift I did not take many pics (and the two I did take aren’t that great, so I apologize).

I made a cookie jar for my mother in law. Well, not really. I BOUGHT a cookie jar from Target and used some sharpie oil based markers to write “grandma’s sweet treats” on it. Again, I “cheated” and printed out what I wanted from the computer so that I could trace it. To properly trace through glass line the paper up on the inside and tape your image in place.


Because I wanted to make this gift a little more personal I filled the jar with baking goodies (whisk, measuring cups, cookies mix) and had each child decorate some white dish cloths I bought from JoAnne’s. To give the dish cloths a more finished look I crocheted a cute little edge onto them.


What do you think?? I have one more gift that I made, but I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to that one. Hopefully I will get it posted by the end of the week. Until then, I would love to hear about the gifts you made this year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are making plans for a great new year!

My Favorite Baby Blanket

I have a new nephew coming!! I am so absolutely thrilled! As soon as my sister-in-law told me all I could think about was the cute things this little needs me to make for him.

One of my favorite things from when my boys were babies were these blankets a friend of mine had made for them. They were made of snuggle flannel and had adorable crocheted edging on them. I absolutely loved them! They were so perfect, I just knew this was something I had to make for my little nephew.

After choosing my fabric print I came home and washed it. I’ve learned the hard way that this is VERY important! I’ve been so heartbroken after spending so much time on something only to have it come out of the dryer all wonky.

I laid out my fabric and measured a perfect square of 36″x36″. Then I folded over the raw edge using some pins to hold everything in place. I sewed down one side and the direct opposite side first. Then I repeated the pinning and sewing process on the other sides.


I then used Bernat Crochet Thread in Fresh Fern to do a blanket stitch along the edges. I’m no expert, and have little to no patience, so I just eyeballed my blanket stitch.

Using my mad pinteresting skills I found THIS awesome link on how to add pretty crochet edging. I followed the directions on the awesomely written how-to for the most part. The only thing I did differently was every once in a while I only put 2 single crochets in between the blanket stitches. That’s only because I “eyeballed” it, so there wasn’t always enough space for 3 single crochets.


Looking good! I grew a little impatient with the crochet thread because I’ve never worked with it before, and it seems like it took FOR.EVER. for it to work up. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but with regular worsted weight yarn things work up faster and it’s easier to envision an “end”. I’m really glad I stuck with it though, because the finished product is absolutely adorable!


A cautionary note: Hand stitching requires attention, patience, and  coordination. If you are attempting to do this while littles run around yelling and being a nuisance playing and you watch a movie then you best be confident in your coordination talents. If you’re a girl like me who is not known for such talents, then please PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing, or you may just end up with a severed a limb!!…. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. One can be injured during this process though. That’s a true story.


After having survived my injury applied a band-aid, I felt inspired to make the minky blanket. So, I did!


Do you have a favorite baby item that you’ve either made yourself or had made for you? If so, please leave a comment and share!