While They Were Sleeping- Mud Pit Makeover

Hello, hello, hello!!! I apologize for my absence, but the children have NOT been sleeping! LOL

Today I want to share something that I (kind of) had nothing to do with. In our backyard we have this area that once upon a time had grass. Then, the grass died. The end! Hahaha. No really. The grass died, and there was nothing but dirt. There was dirt for quite a bit of time, and honestly it probably would have stayed that way if our back yard drain system had continued to work as it should have. Last winter though, as the rains started we noticed that our back yard was flooding. The drain was not working! You know what happened to all that dirt? Yup. MUD! And where there’s small children and mud…. Well, it was fun! lol As the weather has gotten nicer though the mud area just became a dirt area filled with potholes and was just an eyesore. So I decided something must be done. I just didn’t know what to do with it.

The husband called a local landscaper and between the two of them they decided the best thing to do was level everything out and put in some decomposed granite. I was assured that the granite packed in tightly so that it would become sort of an extension of the existing patio. The main goal was to get rid of the “ugliness” so I agreed with the decomposed granite plan. Te landscaper went to work and we came out with this loveliness.

It is sooo much better, right?!? I really like it! My one qualm is that my dog likes to dig around the drain (there’s a little quare drain in the center. Can you see it?). That might be more of a qualm with the dog than the decomposed granite though LOL The kids also think it’s a little bit of a sandbox because of it’s sandy, beach-like look and feel. I think I might try to build a floating deck in the larger area and put a nice outdoor dining table or something. It would also be a good area for a chicken coop! What do you think? How would you use this space? I’d love to hear from you and any suggestions you might have.



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