While They Were Sleeping – Wall Shelves

Good morning! I hope you’re all having a good week so far. Mine has been super busy! Little A turns 6 this week and I’m busy, busy getting ready to celebrate him this weekend. Of course, there’s all the regular busy stuff going on as well. Once I’ve gotten my head settled a bit I’ll come back and share all the exciting birthday stuff! For now I’ll give you a sneak peak, though..

Do you recognize that door?? Super cute, right!? I think it was totally worth a night of uncomfortably cold temperatures 😉 lol

Ok, now for the good stuff! Over the holidays I rearranged our living room to make space for our Christmas tree, and after the tree came down I decided I didn’t want want to put the furniture back as it had been. The new layout was so open and inviting! The only part that bothered me was this empty wall I had (where the three had been) so I talked the husband into wandering IKEA with me. We wandered about coming up with a ton of possibilities… A desk?…. A bookshelf?…. Maybe a few frames?… Maybe one BIG frame?… A big clock?… And on and on. We finally settled on a few floating shelves and walked out.

See that beautiful blank canvas? It’s awesome. But very empty! We used Mosslanda picture ledges. One measures about 22″ ($5.99) and the other is about 45″ ($9.99). For decor I pulled together things that I already had. After fussing a bit I settled on the placement of everything.

There are still a few touches is like to add; like a clock on the empty wall space above. Maybe some vinyl on the metal bucket? A letter on my mini chalkboard would be nice also. But those are things I can add during another nap time.

The more I see my new wall the more I like it! Thanks for stopping by today, and I can’t wait to check in soon and share what we’ve done to celebrate Little A this week.


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