While They Were Sleeping – Chalkboard Door

I’m finally jumping on the chalkboard paint bandwagon! I’ve actually been wanting to chalkboard paint for a while, I just couldn’t decide on what I wanted to paint. There are so many cute ideas out there! But come to a decision I did. Drum roll please…

The garage door! Specifically the inside of my garage door, which is located in my kitchen and can even be seen from my living room. That makes it kind of a focal point and I can maximize the possibilities of how to use my chalkboard painted door. This project wasn’t done EXACTLY while the kids were napping though. It was a semi-terribly timed project. More on that in a bit. 

I had the paint roller and tools needed for this project. All I needed buy was the paint. So I hit up Lowes and grabbed myself a small can of chalkboard paint, priced at about $10. I also needed some muscle to help me take the door off the hinges and lay it flat. I actually set the door on the kitchen table! After getting it flat I wiped the door clean, poured the paint directly on it and painted (or spread the paint out) with the paint roller. I suggest you be VERY sparing in pouring out the paint when you use this method. Start with a small amount because a little paint goes a long way and waiting for thick paint to dry is not the business. After applying one good coat I let the door dry before rolling another coat on. 

Here comes the semi-terrible planning part… I decided to do this at the end of my work week because I knew the door would be off for at least a day and I didn’t want to have to worry about my daycare kids being around a door wet with paint. I also this this was genius because I could apply the first coat in the evening, let it dry overnight and wake up early to apply the second coat. With a little luck I could have it dry and back in place before my own kids were running around. So you see, in theory, I had a great plan! What I didn’t consider was the weather and the fact that the temperature in my garage is significantly cooler than the comfortable temperature we like to keep inside the house. I didn’t think about this until AFTER I applied the first coat of paint. Oops! I tried hanging a heavy blanket to keep some of the cooler air out, but it didn’t help much because according to my thermostat my house hit a low of 57 degrees!! On this night I am very grateful my babies still like to sleep in my bed. Maybe it was worth it though, because I love my chalkboard painted door!

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit because I haven’t actually used it yet. LOL. I figured I should let it cure for a bit before I start using it, but so far it’s great and I’m sure I’ll love it once I start using it. 

Have any of you used chalkboard paint around your home? If so, where and do you love it? I’d love to hear from you and see what you’ve done. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday. 


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