An Update With Lots of Photos

Why hello there, friends!! Long time no see. I am happy to report that in the time we’ve been apart I have been crafty as can be, and have also had some exciting changes around these parts. I’m going to give you guys the quickest update I can showing off my awesome (and not so awesome) photography skills.

Biggest (and best) change is the arrival of our little girl!! I could go on and on about how wonderful she is and how much we all love her, but I don’t think you really want to spend the rest of your life reading all that! LOL Seriously, though. She is AWESOME!!!


Super Girl status kind of awesome!!!

Leading up to the arrival of this precious being we did some cleaning and organizing. You have to give it to them “nesting” hormones!! I got a lot done during that time 🙂

We started with this in the garage…. Don’t judge us!! LOL


…. And finished with this


After cleaning and organizing the garage with those clear bins from Target I decided to bring that same cleaning and organizing method into the house and tackled the kids’ “Activity Closet”…


Last major cleaning and organizing project was the kids’ play room…


It needed so much help!! I went to Ikea and purchased an Expedit shelving unit and some baskets…


So much better!! There’s still a lot I want to do in there, but more on that later 🙂

Another big change for this family before our second little princess arrived involved making some travel room for her, so we purchased a van!! Wasn’t really sure I wanted to be one of “those” families, but hey. It is what it is…


What do you think?? Her name is “Brianne the Van” LOL. She definitely makes us one of “those” families. See…


Can’t even tell which one is her, can you??

Now that we fit into “that” crowd it only seemed fitting to have the boys start another season of soccer (first season for the littlest boy little)…


Because big boys play soccer and have little sisters we also got the boy littles to start sleeping in their own bed(room)…


There was only one thing left to do prior to the littlest princess’ arrival. A thank you card for all of our supportive friends and family members who helped us prepare for her, and celebrated in our joy…


It’s a really simple card cut with the cricut from Baby Steps cartridge using the color scheme I settled on for my little Elizabeth.

Then came the big day…


This was my first experience with washi tape (IDK if I used ACTUAL washi tape. Mine was a little more like “decorative tape”). I also chose to dabble a little in “hand written”. During the process a girlfriend gave me a little tip about shading letters. It goes like this…


“Shade on all the parts where you write in a downward direction”. Can you see the difference?? (The one on the right is shaded using her wise words.)

Since our precious Ellie’s arrival we have continued to stay busy with different  activities. Like, planting a garden which involved building planter boxes out of this…


and painting them like so…


We’ve had so many birthday parties to attend, that I spent a night making these cards for just ONE weekend!!!…


I could continue to show you lots of pictures of our summer adventures, but I’ll sum it up with this one of the boy littles’ shoes…


By the way, I completely love that picture!!

All these things happened while I morphed into “The Crazy Daycare Lady” LOL. For reals, though! I am a licensed daycare provider and managed to have a new baby, organize daily projects, provide well-balanced meals,  and plan some super fun field trips without taking a single day off!! (All of which could not have happened without the support of my fantastic husband and hardworking assistant! So, to them I say, “THANK YOU!!”)


I’m so official I have shnazzy business cards! LOL

Things are starting to slow down around these parts as we settle into having little Elizabeth around, and we gear up for another school year. This year Anthony will be starting as a Kindergartener and he is SOO excited!! Now that I’ve given myself some time to adjust and figure out how to manage this new chapter of my life I am excited to bring myself back to you guys on a (hopefully) more regular basis. I would love to hear from you all and see what’s new in your corners of the world!


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