After Quite Some Time…

I’m finally getting around to that post I told you all I would do. You know the one that finishes Christmas? At least I’m getting it in before the end of January, right!?

It’s been so crazy here! With wrapping up the holidays, my son’s 5th birthday, pregnancy, and everything else that happens in the day-to-day.

First I want to say that I can’t believe my oldest son is now 5!! Not only is he a “whole hand” big, we also got him enrolled in Kindergarten. It’s so bitter-sweet!


Isn’t he to cutest!? I love that his little brother is right next to him and equally (if not more) excited.

Ok, so final Christmas present was for my sister-in-law. She is a girl who enjoys an occasional glass of wine, and she recently had a baby. So I thought it was only right to get her back into the swing on non-pregnancy by giving her a wine themed gift 😀

I’ve been looking at those adorable scrabble coasters on Pinterest and thought “I can do that!”. I would love a set for me, but realistically we don’t use coasters… No matter how hard I try to get everyone on board! Not only did coasters fit into my wine theme, but scrabble tiles are prefect for an english teacher, right!?


Assembling the coasters was fairly simple (hot glue on cork board), the challenging part was making four themed coasters with only the letters that cam in the bag of 100 tiles. I ordered the tiles from Amazon, btw. After gluing the tiles down and cutting off excess cork board I sealed the coasters with clear spray paint. Then I tied them up all pretty with some Christmas ribbon.


The other thing I made to go with her basket was a hand painted wine glass. This was super easy, and I used some oil based sharpies to write. The easiest way to get nice lettering is to print it out from the printer and tape it to the inside of the glass. That way all you have to do is trace!


A fitting sentiment, no? Now that I had everything made and ready I grabbed a cute little basket,  a bottle of wine and wrapped it all up together. IMG_1468

Sorry it to me FOR.EVER. to get this posted! I hope you guys are having a great start to a new year. I know we’ve got a lot going on here, but I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve already started some Valentines crafts, and have been trying to catch up on a little scrapbooking. Which means that I’ll be back soon to share!


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