Winter Wishes

I’ve officially started wrapping gifts. YAY, me!! My goal is to have all the gifts wrapped by Friday. I want to spend Christmas week relaxing and enjoying being in the presence of my family, so I’m going to be working hard for the next couple of days. Good news for you is that I will start sharing the gifts I made.

I’ll share my gift in a minute, but first a quick card…

As you all know our home caught fire earlier this year and we lost a few possessions. (Not much, thank goodness!) One of the things we lost was our gorgeous tree. I really did love our tree. It was amazing! In looking at replacement trees this year I was sad that the only one that was similar to mine was $300. YIKES! Um, maybe I haven’t mentioned this before but I like to think of myself as a somewhat practical girl; and a $300 Christmas tree is NOT my idea of practical. So hubby and I agreed to spend a nominal amount on a real tree and cross our fingers that the we could snag the replacement tree on clearance after Christmas.

Hearing of our (first world) problem one of our friends informed us that they were upgrading their tree this year and asked us if we would like their old one. Being the practical girl I am I said, “When can I pick it up?” lol We are so blessed!! I really like the tree that was given to us. To show our thanks I made our friends a little Christmas thank you card.


I used red, green and brown card stock. The tree is cut from paper doll dress up. I cut it twice, once in brown and again in gree so that I could have a brown stump. I added green stickles to my tree and a red star jewel for the top. The background paper is from DCWV Christmas Combo Stack. I tied some brown twine on the card and stamped it with My Pink Stamper Darkest Night Ink (which I LOVE, btw!) and a stamp from a set I won from My Craft Spot for THIS project.

Now it’s time for my gift…

I got the idea for this off Pinterest. It’s a simple little gift, but one that I hope will be enjoyed. Here are the supplies I used to put my gift together.


(Sorry, for the terrible photo! Here’s a quick recap of supplies: Paper with “In case you get crap for Christmas printed on it, toilet paper roll, Ghirardelli chocoalate bars, Chipotle gift card, cute little basket with tag and cello bag, and scotch tape… You’ll also need scissors, but that’s not in the picture.)

I think I put more in this little basket that was intended, so I had a bit of a time trying to get that cello to stay together and tied. Other than that, It was super easy-peasy!


HAHAHA! Isn’t that funny!? I hope it gets a good chuckle.

Hope you’re all having a good day. Talk to you all real soon, when I share my next completely wrapped and ready gift.

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