Home Sweet Home

We are finally back home!!

It took us a few weeks even after we moved in to have the contractors finish up some details, then it took for.ev.er for our furniture to be delivered, but we’ve got everything now and we’re happy, happy 🙂

Most of the work that was done to the house was all about maintenance and general upkeep, but there are a few “remodeled” areas. Over the next couple weeks I’d like to show you what we’ve done to the house room by room. Although not every room will be complete as there’s a lot of decorating I’d like to do to make the house more “ours”; that’s okay though, since most of our decor is going to be DIY and I’ll be sharing those projects with you as I do them.

The most obvious and biggest change (on the inside) is in our great room. Key changes in this room were:


When we bought this house it fit perfectly in our budget, and required no “fixing”. The only thing we were not fans of was the color in the living room. It was burgundy! We figured that was a small inconvenience and something we could remedy ourselves, but we never got around to it. So new paint was definitely in order.


Oh, the carpet! The carpet was the bane of my existence!! It was this lovely color of cream that worked well with my three dirty goblins beautifully well-behaved children. The carpet was also the best thing for all of our severe allergy problems… SIKE! lol Yep, the carpet had to go.


We’ve also never really had the opportunity (or maybe desire) to purchase “real” furniture. Until now, we’ve lived with the mish-mash of our two rentals moved under one roof. Although, We did “upgrade” just after Christmas by taking a hand-me-down set of couches from my in-laws (We finally had matching couches!). There were a few pieces we wanted to keep (and help minimize the damage to our bank account), but new, “grown up” furniture was definitely on our list. Besides you can’t have a fancy “new” house and fill it will all the old junk you’re not really a fan of, right?


Don’t judge me!… I admit, I am not a good housekeeper. Seriously people! Give a girl a break. I live with three dirty goblins beautifully well-behaved children 😛 lol

Aren’t those burgundy walls just gorgeous!? Our “new to us” couches matched though, so I felt no need to cover them with couch covers.


Here’s the other half of the “living room part” of the great room. Isn’t the bar turned entertainment center, lovely?? It’s one of the Hubster’s few remaining relics from his bachelor days. It was also perfect for blocking the fireplace from the kids.

Do you see those carpet stains!!? Yep, they were permanent and completely disgusting!


This is the “first part” of the great room. It’s what you see immediately upon opening the front door (the front door is directly across that sliding glass door). I’ve never really known what to do with this space since we don’t do “formal meals” and have no need for a dining table. So I’ve generally just used this space to show off our holiday decor (hence, the christmas tree); and as you can see, it was also where my often cluttered sewing table lived.



Lastly, the entrance. That wall connecting to the hallway has always been a generally dead space for us… Although, on this occasion it was “home” to our old couch waiting to be picked up and dumped… I’d like to put a bookshelf on this wall now that we’re back in the house, but I’ve yet to find one I like.

Ready to see the “new” great room? Drum roll, please…


BAM!! Isn’t that 10,000 times better?? I am so happy with the results!! Isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do? (Being clutter free helps too! lol) Not only is the room brighter and “happier”, but the space feels a lot bigger too.  The couches were practically a steal, and I found the carpet on clearance for $40! We kept our coffee table (because I love it!) and it really makes the living room look complete. Last thing this space needs is some pretty wall decor.


Look! I have a fireplace. LOL We splurged and paid to have the TV mounted, and it looks great! Totally worth it. We also kept the little table because it matches everything, works great for our cable box/DVD player/Etc, and it meant one less thing we’d have to spend money on. Obviously, something needs to be done about the cords. All things in good time though 🙂


I haven’t put curtains up… I’m thinking maybe I could DIY some up?? Gone is the sewing table. (That’s currently in the garage, and may stay out there.) We decided to put this area to use with a dresser along the wall which works as a buffet table/organizer/office space.

The floors are absolutely gorgeous!! I find myspelf sweeping them all the time (why doesn’t anyone mention how easily you can see EVERYTHING on laminate floors?) I’m so grateful that “yuckiness” isn’t sitting in the carpet anymore. Hopefull we’ll have a little bit more allergy relief now.


There’s nothing on this wall right now, but as I mentioned earlier I think it’s a great place for a bookshelf. We also changed all of the hardware in the house to a rubbed oil bronze that matches our light fixtures.

The space already feels so much better! I can’t wait to start adding some decor and really making it “home”. I’d love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions for how to decorate the space 🙂


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