Homemade Snow Cones


Today I am sharing a family summertime favorite. We love lots of parts of summer, but a definite treat around here is snow cones.

A couple of years ago our AC stopped working. No big, except it was the middle of summer and I was preggo. YIKES!! I was quick to call for repairs and was told that short of replacing the entire system there was nothing to be done. This is the year that we learned how to make our own snow cones 🙂


This recipe is not my own. (You can find the original HERE.) We cut the recipe in half, so that we can make more than one flavor without using all of our sugar at one. Otherwise, we stick to this recipe for our syrup. If you have a snow cone machine for the shaved ice then you’re set! We don’t have a fancy snow cone machine for our ice, however I’ve found that my Ninja works just fine.


I admit that this is an over indulgence in sugar. Especially for little people, but we love it! It’s perfect for a hot day, and AMAZING when you’re preggo in the middle of summer and have no AC!!


How could you not make a snow cone for that little face!?? LOL


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