Welcome to Summer

So we’ve officially already had four days of summer, but alas, I am a slow blogger. So here is my first official blog post of summer!
I decided to kick off summer this year by “borrowing” an idea I saw on pinterest. While my Dezerai was at school (and the boys were napping) I pulled out our acrylic paint bin and got to work. There’s really nothing special to my banner. Just some art paper on a roll, Crayola acrylic paint, and small foam brush. I originally wanted to write a few of the things from our “Summer Goals” list on the banner, along with some really creative artwork, but that didn’t happen. (The boys started to wake from their naps and I was in a rush to get my daughter since it was a minimum day.) The polka dots, flower and “FUN” worked out just fine though. I am happy to report that the girl was so excited to be done with school that she had kicked of her shoes in the car and loved running through the banner on her way to “turning on the TV and eating some celebration snacks”….. Ah, I love that kid!! LOL
As we counted down the days to summer Dez and I decided that we needed to make a list of all the fun things we wanted to do. After all, these things are important and we don’t want to forget anything! At first we just had a few things, but our list grew (and grew, and grew) until it reached 100… I’m sure we could have kept going but I think 100 is a nice round number. Most of the things are really simple things that can be done at home (or in our immediate area with little to no expense), but we threw in some “big” things to that are specific to us personally and as Sacramento natives. I’ve decided to share our list with you and I hope it inspires you to have some of your own summer fun!

Summer Goals 2012

Fry an egg on the side-walk
Go to the library
Fly a kite
Read about  and make Flat Stanley
Tell scary stories in the dark
Backyard camping
Listen to classical music while painting
Make a lemonade stand
Play at the new sprayground park
Swimming lessons
Make paper dolls with the cricut
Star gaze
Go fishing
Spend more time with our cousin Anna– We don’t see you enough!
Have a picnic
Have a water fight
Make a collage
Play dress up
Go to a farmer’s market
Make smores
Plant a garden
Visit the animal shelter and volunteer for the day
Family movie night
Got to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Go camping
Go to a “Friday in the Park” downtown
Go to the State Fair
Have a “baking day”
Make our own popsicle
Play board games
Eat breakfast for dinner
Go to the zoo
Have a banana split party
Visit a museum
Visit a Fire Station
Swim at Grandma’s
BBQ with friends
Go to the Beach
Spend a day in San Francisco
Watch a River Cats game
Have a dance party
Go to the drive in
Have a pool party
Project day at Lowe’s
Build a fort
Church mega camp
Girl Scout events
Play barbies
Watch TV all day… This is a big deal in our house! LOL
Sidewalk chalk pictures
Ride bikes
Eat lots of watermelon and strawberries
Go to ARTbeast
Go hiking
Spend the day on a boat
Organize our recipes into a book
Create a new recipe
Take LOTS of pictures!!
Put a new fence in the backyard for the dogs
Go rafting
Make a time capsule
Do the Barnes & Nobles summer reading program
Spend the day at Funderland
Catch bugs
Do some Pinterest activities
Walk to the donut shop for breakfast
Drink Slushies from Circle K
Spend the night at Grandma’s (so mommy and daddy can take a night off!)
Write a poem
Do 10 Random Acts of Kindness
Go rock climbing
Spend a day in Tahoe
Mail Grandpa some artwork & letters
Play mini golf
Go to the new Chuck E. Cheese
Play in the sprinklers
Pick up trash at a park
Ride the train
Project day at Home Depot
Go to gymnastics camp
Work on our backyard makeover
Paint our nails
Go to the Discovery Museum
Learn to skate
Dig a hole to China… Can you guess who put this on the list?? LOL
Spend the day in Old Sac
Play Truth or Dare
Have a movie marathon with our Blockbuster Pass
Stay up all night
Play basketball
Play in a bounce house
Have a pillow fight
Wash the car
Have a tea party
Take the dogs to the dog park
Do a science experiment
Have a karaoke contest
Go bowling
Take a class at the community Center
Get ready for 3rd grade!

In other news I’ve put some serious thought into my blogging skills (or lack thereof) and one of the things that occurred to me is that although I love craftiness and all things DIY; I’m a busy mom and can’t always be all up in crafts or DIY projects. This is a BIG reason why my blogging at times appears to be sporadic (at best). That being said I’m going to be doing more blogging about all things Casa Medeiros. I know there are a lot of “mom blogs” out there (Do we really need one more?), but I hope that my little corner of blogland will offer a little something special. Besides, I like blogging and I ain’t gonna quit! LOL

Until next time, friends, welcome to summer and let the craziness begin!!


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