We Egged Them Good!

If you haven’t figures it out yet, we’re holiday junkies! LOL

No, really. We are.

We like to celebrate every. single. holiday. for as long as we can. We like to keep ourselves busy with activities and decorations, but the most fun is including our friends! This year we found a new way of including our friends in some of our Easter fun. EGGING!! I ran across the idea while searching online for fun easter activities. You can download the “You’ve been egged!” sign HERE. After printing out the sign I cut off the bottom that said what you will find in the eggs. Since all of my eggs were going to be filled with jelly beans I thought it’d be best to make a little card letting people know how many eggs they had to search for.

I used white cardstock cut into quaters with paper from DCWV Spring Fling & Summer Days Stack for background. My little phrase was printed out on white cardstock as well. Pink and Green marker along the edges gives it a little something more.

Now, if you’ve never been egging you know that it’s lots of fun not very nice. This version is nice though. You simply sneak up on your friends’/neighbor’s yard and hide plastic easter eggs filled with goodies. When done you stick the “you’ve been egged!” sign on the door, ring the bell and run before you get caught!! We were fairly successful with our egging and were caught only once… Our friends pulled up just as we were getting ready to leave. Because we’re super nice we added baskets to our egging filled with goodies.

I’m off to work on a few projects for tomorrow. I hope you’re all enjoying the weather and having fun celebrating Easter!


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