Covered Notebook

I have a certain two-year old who absolutely LOVES to write. Especially when sister is at the kitchen table doing homework. Today I pulled out a composition notebook for him to use and decided that it needed a little “life”. After all, two-year olds are more exciting than a plain black and white composition notebook, right? lol

For my project I used Paper from DCWV All About Boys Stack and Citrus Stack and the supplies pictured above. First thing to do was choose the paper I wanted to cover my notebook with and line it up. After lining it up with a enough excess on the edges to be folded over I applied a good coat of Mod Podge to the front of the notebook.

Once the paper was attached to the notebook I opened the notebook and cut triangle notches on the top and bottom where the notebook spine was.

Using a ruler to help me get a straight line and an exacto knife I cut the corners off of the 12″x12″ paper at the corners of the notebook.

I then folded the 12″x12″ paper over on the inside of the cover using a bone folder to help get a good crease. Using more Mod Podge I glued the paper down.

I then grabbed a second sheet of matching paper and cut it down to 12″x6″. Flipping the notebook over so that I could work on the backside I glued the excess paper from the front side down.

I applied Mod Podge on the rest of the notebook with a little over the edge of the paper. Before lining up my 12″x6″ paper I applied Mod Podge to the edge of the 12″ side (so that I’d have a nice flat seal). Using the Ruler and exacto knife I repeated the process of attaching the paper to the inside cover.  Because I’m me, and I really didn’t like the inside of the cover, I decided I would cover that too. Using some coordinating paper I cut it down to 9″x7″ and used Mod Podge to stick it on the inside panel of my notebook.

That essentially is the covered notebook. I choose to add a little more to the front of my notebook by using the cricut to cut a 5″ “A” from Plantin Schoolbook cart using the letter and shadow feature. You could, of course, decorate your notebook however you like.

Now I’m off to do another notebook! My daughter wants one and I’m thinking I could use one for my bible studies as well. I’m thinking the one for me needs ribbon to mark the page I’m on, and that could easily be attached to the outside of the spine with a little hot glue before covering it. Let me know what you think of my project, and have fun making one of your own 🙂

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