I had made cupcakes for my daughter’s classroom Valentine’s Day party, and unfortunately they did not survive the car ride to the school. Of course, there was general disappointment and in an effort to make things “all better” I promised her class I would bring cupcakes another day. Since then not a single friday, test day, game day, “today day” has gone by since that my daughter doesn’t remind me that I should bring Valentine’s cupcakes. LOL Considering that St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow I thought now was the perfect time to make cupcakes.  Usually my cupcakes are unoriginal. Bake them, frost them, eat them. Betty Crocker does all the hard work for me 🙂  However I was perusing Pinterest and I was inspired to get a little bit fancy.

Betty Crocker still did the hard part… Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a prize-winning recipe? lol… I do however have one little cupcake baking tip to share. When you first start your oven start it at 400°F. When you’re ready stick your cupcakes in and set the timer for 5 minutes. When the timer beeps turn the oven down to 350°F and bake the cupcakes for the rest of the time needed. This is will cook your cupcakes quickly on the outside (forming a bowl of sorts) and then the middle will cook UP and done. Giving you a perfect cupcake 🙂

The frosting was Betty Crocker, too…*cringe* I know! But let’s face it. Kids love it and it’s so much easier than pulling out grandma’s best frosting recipe (which I don’t have). I put some green food coloring in plain vanilla frosting until I had the green I wanted, then frosted the cupcakes using a star frosting tip (Wilton’s #1M, to be exact). I then opened a box of Lucky Charms and sprinkled them on top… My kids will be so excited to see Lucky Charms in the cupboard tomorrow!… Last thing was adding gold coins we’d gotten at JoAnne’s to the top.

The kids loved them and I got TONS of compliments from teachers and parents as I walked them to her classroom. I hope you all enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day weekend and that the leprechaun doesn’t prank you too badly this year!


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