Something New

Good Morning, Monday! I have a little something to share with you today, but first I have to give you a little background. As of late my daughter has been complaining of constant headaches. At first I assumed it was the onset of allergy season, but after some careful observation I discovered that she does a whole lot of squinting as well. A call to our optometrist and we were off… like a heard of turtles.

She had such a great time doing her eye test, and I have to say she was a pro! Answered every question and was clear and consistent in every answer. We ended our appointment with a prescription for glasses, because as it turns out my daughter is far-sighted and has a slight astigmatism in her left eye. Much to my surprise my little one was not happy to hear that she needed glasses (even if they are just for reading). After some coaxing I managed to get her to try a few pairs and she reluctantly made a decision…

Isn’t she beautiful?? She’s adorable before glasses, but I have a teeny-tiny confession. I love her in glasses! People often tell me she looks just like me, and although I see some resemblance I don’t really feel as though she looks exactly like me. But when she puts on her glasses… Holy smokes! She looks just like her mama!! LOL We picked up her prescription on Thursday and she took them to school on Friday. Even though she said she wore them in class she confided that she was feeling a little awkward and uncomfortable wearing them in front of her friends. That’s what leads us to today’s project. For a little support I decided to put together a little note and slip it in her lunch box.

The paper is plain pink and black cardstock with patterned paper from DCWV All Dressed Up Stack. Because I wanted to put this in her lunch box it’s relatively small and measures just under 3 1/2″x1 1/2″. Using my gypsy I welded the glasses together using shadow feature from the Paisley cartridge. I then used the appropriate layering features for the rest. Being that the card is so small I got the opportunity to use my Xyron 2″ sticker maker. (I haven’t had an opportunity to use it in soo long!) For a little more accent I used pink glitter glue from Studio G on the corner of the glasses. I also put another layer of the glasses on white cardstock on the inside so that I could write a little note telling her how awesome she is and how much I love her new glasses.

I can’t wait for her open up her lunchbox and see her little note! I know it’s not a “cure-all”, but I hope it helps her feel a little more confident and if nothing else brightens her day. I hope you’re all having a fabulous Monday, and remember that Monday is the start of a new week and quite possible the start of something new!


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