Day 1 of 12



After having handed these out to her classmates my daughter informed me that some reindeer lost their eye/s in he basket she was carrying them in. So, you may want to try something other than Elmer’s glue to stick the eyes on. Of course, the kids didn’t care about missing eye/s and LOVED them!


Hello everyone! Are you all excited about Christmas yet?? I know we are! We’ve been really busy with all the activities my daughter is involved in, but things are finally slowing down and we’ll be out of school for vacation on Friday. I made a little treat for my daughter’s class, but before I share that I want to tell you about the fun happening over at Robyn is always so much fun and has inspired me time and time again! If you havent’ already you should definitely check out her blog. For the next 12 days Robyn will be having fun with some AWESOME sponsors, videos, and challenges. I’m super excited to take part in her challenges and hope I win… I usually don’t though (LOL), so good luck to everyone! I’ve added her button to the sidebar of my blog, but you can click the button below to go to her blog.

My Pink Stamper 12 Days of Christmas

Are you ready for today’s project? I know you are, so here it is: REINDEER HERSHEY BARS!! I’m not a lover of Hershey Bars, but I know a lot of people are. Especially the second graders we’ll be giving these to đŸ™‚

For Day 1 of 12 Robyn challenged us to make a Christmas or Winter project from a Cricut Cartridge that is NOT for the Holidays! I usually wait to do my projects until the wee hours of the night (doesn’t EVERYBODY?? lol), but since I really wanted to join in the 12 Days of Christmas challenge I had a special helper this afternoon.

Isn’t he just the cutest little helper?

Back to the project! Here’s the details: The brown and tan cardstock is from The Paper Company Natural Fashion Colors Value Pack. I used Accent Essentials cart to cut the cirlcles and top of the reindeer head. I cut the flower/circle shape at 2″ and circles at 1 1/2″. I then cut the flower/circles in half using regular scissors. I took the brown paper and cut it in quarters (that makes it 4 1/4″x5 1/2″). Eyeballing it I attached my half flower/circles to the “top” of the brown card stock using my ATG gun. I then took some brown pipe cleaners and cut them in quarters. Using some scotch tape I attached them to the back of the brown paper. I tried to attach the pipe cleaners at about the edges on the half flower/circle thing.

Don’t worry about how perfect the “antlers” are attached. No two antlers are the same, ya know?

I used plain ‘old Elmer’s school glue to add two google eyes. After doing my eyes I added the tan circles underneath for a “nose”. Using a little more Elmer’s I attached a little red pompom-thing to the tan circles. The next part is the hardest part. Wait for the glue to dry!!

Literally waiting for glue to dry….

Once the glue was dried I used my ATG gun along the back of “sides” of my reindeer and attached them to the Hershey Bars. Lastly, I used a little more pipe cleaner to make my atlers more “antler-y”. Nothing perfect, or an exact science here. No two antlers are the same, remember?Just take another quarter piece of pipe cleaner and twist until it looks the way you want it.


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