Advent Calendars

Ok, so I am addicted to Pinterest!! I LOVE IT! You should all go check it out right now! It’s perfect for us crafty folk who look to the world wide web for some inspiration. It’s a great way to save all those ideas we’re going to try some day 🙂

Because the holidays are here I started thinking about how much my daughter loves counting down the days to christmas and I really wanted something fun and special. Well, my little brain came up with all these great ideas, but all VERY time consuming… Felt mittens with candy inside, little sacks with a new ornament for the tree inside it, chart to stick new stickers on every night… All cute ideas! But the countdown has begun and I just don’t have the time to cut, sew, design, etc. So I was ready to do what we’ve done in years past… A paper chain… A loop for each day… Maybe we’ll “get fancy” and use pretty paper… Then Pinterest SAVED ME!!

Adorable paper chain Christmas tree!

It took a little while to get it right. We went through lots of paper because as we worked the design we would discover that our paper strips were too wide, too short, to long (and so forth). We also had to reference the picture of the little tree A LOT, but we got it done… A few days late, but done.

I love them!!

I made one for Anthony because even though he’s too little to understand exactly what we’re doing, he is not too little to understand that sister is doing something and he’s not. We used strips of paper cut at 8″x1 1/2″, but 8″x1″ would probably better. We’d gone through so much paper at this point that I was just happy it was put together and resembled a tree. Also, even though it’s a simple paper link it quickly got too complicated for my 7 year old and she lost interest. So, I ended up finishing hers. She did enjoy picking out the paper and “designing” her tree, though 🙂

As long as we’re on the subject of Pinterest I also used one of the ideas I saw for displaying Christmas cards. I usually stick christmas cards we recieve anywhere I can find a nice palce for them (on the mantle, on the bar, next to the centerpiece on the dining table), but I always end up having more cards than display space. (Man, life is tough for me! lol) So, when I ran across this ideas I HAD to do it!

All you need is ribbon, duct tape, clothes pins and christmas cards! I used pretty holiday ribbon, but any ribbon will work. Then a ran a piece of duct tape across the ends of ribbon to stick it to the inside of the cupboard. I’m sure you could use another type of adhesive, but I thought duct tape might be the sturdiest and least surface damaging. That’s it! You’re done! Now as we recieve Christmas cards all I have to do is pin them to my ribbon.

I absolutely LOVE Christmas cards! They’re so much fun. I love getting them and seeing how our friends’ families have grown, getting updated pictures of family we may not have seen in a while and knowing that we’re being thought of with kind regards. I also love giving them! I love letting people we don’t always get a chance to talk to know how we’re doing, I like updating everyone on the events in our household and having an excuse to send everyone a new picture of my precious children! Christmas cards are quite possibly my favorite part of the holiday season. So I’ll be posting soon about this years Christmas card and update. Until then, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


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