A Friendly Ghost?

Good morning! Today is Thursday and that means tomorrow is Friday… YAY!! I absolutely love the holidays and as I get older I realize more and more that Halloween is my favorite!! I love all the costumes, all things sugar are good in my book and who doesn’t like being scared out of their wits here and there?? LOL Mostly I like it because it means the rest of the holiday fun is on it’s way.

That being said, it makes me sad (not really “boo-hoo” sad, but sad) that we cannot dress up for school or other fun activities… Okay, I exaggerate! They do fun arts and crafts things like coloring pages and pumpkin mosaics, but nothing that is “distracting to their acedemic day”…. Such fun-suckers!! LOL So I’m rebelling in my own little way! This week my daughter has worn her black and orange pillowcase dress (you can check it out HERE) and today I’ve created another outfit.

Cute, right? I love it!! And it is not a costume…. or is it? LOL I made the top by sewing on some black fabric “eyes” on a long sleeve white top from her closet. The tutu was made following my earlier posted tutu method (HERE). White leggings and black and white Converse makes out outfit complete.

Well, she’s been at school for 30 minutes now and I haven’t gotten a phone call so this is good. But my hubby warned me it was very distracting and to be ready to go to school with more appropriate clothes. I have here jeans and a tee shirt sitting on the kitchen counter just in case, but I really hope we’re all clear for a fun outfit day! 🙂 Until next time, my friends, enjoy your Thursday. (Friday is almost here!!)

P.s. I can’t wait to show you what we have planned for Monday!!


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