School Treats

I made some goodies for my daughter’s class tonight. Yes, tonight!! First of all I like to procrastinate (Have you noticed??) and second I apparently don’t like sleep. LOL I feel like there’s so much to get done, and I just can’t catch up!! Maybe that’s one of the pitfalls to having three children? Ah, well. Life goes on….

Back to my goodie bags. I put these little babies together really quickly. (I’m doing laundry tonight also, and it only took one wash cycle to get these done!) I like to browse the internet (and mostly other bloggers) for ideas all the time, and Robyn from My Pink Stamper has made several videos showing these little treat sacks. Hers always turn out super cute and I figured now was the perfect time for me to give it a try.

First thing you’ll need to do is decide what you want to put in the sacks. I put cute little note pads, 2 Jolly Ranchers, a spiky little ball, and a sticky hand thing (you know the hand that sticks when you hold one end and fling it?). I purchased most of these from the clearance party section at Target. Next you’ll need cello treat sacks (I also got these at Target)… I like Target, btw… After filling my sacks I took some measurements and started on the tops. For my sacks I used black card stock cut at 5″x5 1/2″. Then I scored it at 2 3/4″.

Cut and scored.

I then folded the card stock and lined it up to the top of the cello bag (which was already filled, I said that right? Otherwise you’re going to end up with really cute empty sacks.). After lining it up I put one staple right in the middle to hold everything together. I want to mention here that I stapled upside down so that no one gets their little hands caught on the “yucky” part of the staple. Maybe a little overly cautious of me, but whatevs. I’m a mom. Caution is how I roll! LOL

No snags here!

I cut some bright green paper to fit the front of the card stock (5″x2 3/4″) then I used some Inchworm craft scissors to trim just a tad off all 4 sides. I then went to my trusty ol’ laptop and printed out “Happy 7th birthday Dezerai” on some hot pink paper. I knew I wanted to cut my hot pink paper to 4″x2″ so I made a text box that size, lined up my letters to center, and copied then pasted it as many times as I could fit it on a page. After I’d printed the pages I cut the paper accordingly. I then used my ATG gun to tape my pink paper to my green paper. Then I taped my green paper to my black card stock and for a finishing touch I added some tiny star stickers from Hippopotamus.

I’m happy with the way they turned out and I hope they’re a hit!… I did put candy in them though, so I’m sure the kids will like them just fine 🙂


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