Goodie Bags

Oh, Man!! I’ve had these ready since Saturday night and had planned on posting them Sunday. BUT my hubby went and got sick and ended up in the hospital. He’s all good now, but it was a crazy two days for this little gal! I’m glad he’s home and doing better. (He has something called Schlotzski’s Ring, and is now on medication and will be taking care of himself… OR ELSE!! lol) So, now that we’re all heathy and things aren’t so crazy we are moving forward. That means we’re 4 days away from our party! So, today I’m working on some finishing details. But you don’t get to see them until party day, so in the mean time here are our party bags.

I found these cute bags at Target in the colors we're using.

Step one was to gather my supply of paper and spray paint it. I used 6 sheets of white card stock and 8 sheets of black card stock. The white card stock was spray painted in our 3 colors, and the black cardstock was cut down to 7″x9″. I spray painted the black card stock as  well to give it a little color.

Waiting for paint to dry....

After the paint was dry I cut one sheet of each color into 6″x2″ strips. With a black Sharpie I wrote in the name of each child who had RSVPed. I then ran the other sheets through my cricut using Plantin Schoolbook cart to cut stars at 2″. (If you “set paper size” and “auto fill” you get 15 stars per page.) I then used my ATG gun to stick the names and stars on the black card stock. After I had them all put together I laid them each out on my tarp and sprayed them with Design Masters Silver Glitter Spray.

Waiting for glitter to dry...

The last step was use my ATG gun to stick my creation to the front of those cute bags we got at Target. I really like the way they turned out!

Super cute!!

I had to put names on them because we have little ones attending who are not yet ready for some of the treats that will be put in our bags. So little ones get different treats 🙂 Can’t wait to put them all together.

I've been getting goodies over the last couple months (much easier on the wallet)

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