A Fancy Tutu

Good morning! I meant to post this yesterday, but the day just slipped away. Today I am going to share a fancy tutu I made for Dezerai to wear at her party. So first things first!

Here is what you will need:


4 yds of tulle (I used 4 colors, so I have 1yd of each)

1″ satin ribbon

For the first step I took measurements of my daughter’s waist (21″) and measured my ribbon accordingly with 20″ allowance on each end. I then tied a knot in my ribbon measuring 20″ in on each side. Then heat seal your ends so that they do not fray. It should look like this:

Next I took my tulle and folded it so that I hade 1 yd vertically and rolled it up so that I could cut the tulle at 21″. Your end result should be 1 yd (or 36″)x21″.

Please note that the measurements are nox EXACT. The great thing about this tutu is that no one will notice if you are 1/4" or so off

 The next step was to unfold the tulle again and this time fold it over so that you have your yard going horizontally. Now roll your tulle up again and cut 3″ sections. You’ll end up with 21″x3″ strips of tulle.

This really hip and fancy gadget helped hold one end of the tulle together while I cut 3" strips.
My strips of tulle ready to be used!

Ok, the next part is… Okay, I may not describe it perfectly, but hopefully the pics will clarify. First, you need to choose the pattern you want for your tulle (if using more than one color). Next, you need to lay your ribbon out in fornt of you. With one hand holding the loose ends of your tulle slide your tulle under the ribbon (between the two knots) making a “U” shape. Pull up the bottom of the “U” and loop your loose ends through it. Here are the pics for visual clarification:

My "U" is upside down, but I think you get the idea.
Don't forget to pull tight after you loop your tulle.

Keep looping your tulle onto your ribbon in the pattern of  your choosing until you have no tulle left and your tutu is complete. Here’s a picture after a few strips of tulle have been tied on.

**I wanted a fuller tutu, so I repeated the cutting of the tulle so that I could fill it in a bit more.**

TA-DA!! So pretty, don't ya think? 🙂

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