Party Invites


That’s right! We’re getting ready to party. I’m sure it’ll be a fanastic event, but putting these invites together was a little bittersweet. I know I can manage party planning on my own, but I’ve always had my best friend here to help coordinate birthday parties… Crafting has always been a great release for me and perhaps this process will prove to be theraputic in many ways 🙂

This year we are partying like rock stars. Anytime Dezerai is asked what she wants to be when she grows up she says, “A rockstar!” LOL This past year she attended a Barbie Rockstar party and ever since I’ve heard nothing but “At my rockstar party…” So here it is. Our very own rockstar party!

As you can see I made our invites using 3 different color combinations. I did this mostly because I couldn’t decide which combination I liked best. The base of the card is black card stock cut to a standard A6 size. The rest of the paper is… are you ready for this… white card stock! Yup, all white cardstock. I couldn’t find paper in the exact colors I wanted. (Actually, I didn’t really look for it, I just went through my stash of paper and called it a day.) I did however pick up some cans of spray paint while I did my regular shopping. I planned on using the spray paint for some decoration ideas I have, but then was inspired and sprayed my card stock. It worked out perfectly! I will give this advice though: Don’t spray the paper more than you have to! If you spray too much it will flake off as you play with the paper.  (P.s. The spray paint is Krylon rich plum, Krylon blue ocean breeze and krylon flourescent pink.) The star is cut from Plantin Schoolbook cart at 3 3/4″ and the guitar is cut from Groovy Times cart at 5″. I used some dimensionals to adhere the star  to the front of the card and then I sprayed the card with some spray paint again to give the background a little color. I then adhered the guitar to the fron of the star and sprayed the whole thing with Design Master silver glitter.

I did use different colors inside the card, but I think you get the idea with just one picture. I printed this out off my printer (4 per page) then cut the paper and adhered it to the inside. I did this before I sprayed the glitter, so some of the glitter got inside adding a little sparkle.  After letting them dry over night we put our invitations in black envelopes with mailing labels that had also been spray painted prior to being printed (It’s all gotta match, ya know?)

Overall this was a pretty easy project. The hardest part was waiting for the spray paint to dry. I’m really happy with them and can’t wait to start getting some RSVPs 🙂 I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!


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