Something Different

Today, as I was getting my daughter ready for school. I did our usual routine of rummaging through an old ziploc box to find the perfect bow for her hair. And as usual, I said to myself “I’m going to figure out a way of putting these away!”. So today was the day, my friends. Today was the day that I found a better way to put away Dezi’s hair bows!

I’ve searched for many a do-dad in hopes of finding something adorable that isn’t too pricey only to be disappointed. Either it’s not adorable, or it’s ridiculously priced. I know many people do the DIY version of a wooden letter with a strip of ribbon, but I wanted to do something different. As I went through my morning chores I made it a personal challenge to find something around the house I could convert into ribbon storage, but I was not inspired. I was almost ready to give up and head out for a wooden letter when it hit me. Literally, it hit me! LOL I have a 2 car (and very cluttered) garage and as I went to open my driver door to get in I knocked over a bunch of frames that had been propped along the wall. One of them hit my toe, and since I was wearing flip flops it didn’t feel great. You see a long time ago my mother in law gave me a bunch of photo frames and they’ve been sitting in my garage ever since. I always thought I would use them, but I never got around to it… Until today. Here’s a picture of the frame I decided would be our new ribbon storage:


I had most of the supplies necessary on hand for this project, but I did have to go out to get some black spray paint. I removed the glass and picture from the frame and began the process of spray painting the frame black. I’ve never really worked with spray paint before, so it took me a little while to get the hang of it.



While my frame was drying I worked on the rest of my project. I used my hot glue gun to stick the photo to the cradboard backing. Then I took some of my batting and hot glued that to the top of the picture so that my ribbon storage would have a little bit of “fluffiness”.



Next I pulled some black fabric out of my “bucket o’ fabric” and measured it to the size of the photo with about an 1 1/2″ border. I then Ironed the fabric and used my hot glue gun to cover the cardboard and batting. It was a bit messy and the corners were a bit tricky, but I persevered and got the job done! After covering was done I pulled out some white and pink grossgrain ribbon from my stash and measured strips so that I could do a diagonal patter with the ribbon. I was also detailed enough to measure my ribbon 3″ apart. I played with my design a little a chose to use a thinner ribbon for the pink (since I wanted the pink to be more of an accent) and decided to weave in through the strips of white ribbon.



Did I mention that my daughter’s room is done in a pink, white and black color scheme?? That is why I decided to go with these colors for my project… Anywho… Several hours later my frame was dry and ready to be a frame with something inside of it.



There you have it! A perfect place to store our hair bows. After putting all of our bows on there all that was left to do was find a spot on the wall and hang it. I used medium 3m mounting strips and hung it vertically with all of the pretty bows on it.



Now you can see why I needed a proper space to store the bows! Until next time, friends. Have a great day!


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