Pillowcase Dresses

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone had a great week. Ours sure seemed to fly by! My husband was on vacation this week and the poor guy spent the last 3 days in bed sick 😦 Seems he got a touch of the stomach flu. (Please help me pray no one else gets it!!) So, today he is back at work and I hope he gets through it ok.

With him being sick, me being pregnant, and the kids being kids it seems as though I had little “me” time (aka “crafting time”). I did manage to sneak a little bit in though, even though it meant a late night… or two :). I decided it’s been a while since I’ve tinkered with my sewing machine and I felt an urge to pull it out. Now, I say “tinker” because even though I have a fantastic machine (thanks to my wonderful mother!) I’ve only just barely got the “basics of sewing” under my belt. Having nothing that really needed to be done… I use my machine mostly for hemming pants and other “practical”  things… I googled and YouTubed some inspiration and I came across the cutest (and most simple) little dresses! Although I viewed many blogs and watch a few videos these were the most helpful and the two I found myself referring back to: Goldie Girl- Pillowcase Dress Tutorial and How to Make a Pillowcase Dress.

My daughter picked out the pattern and requested the length be long. I think the long length makes it look a little big, but she loves it and thats what counts!

I used grosgrain ribbon from my stash for the bows and was a little curious as to how well they would stay tied throughout the day. I am happy to say that she’s already worn the dress and it only came untied once (when her brother pulled on it) AND the dress survived the washer! LOL… Again, I’m new to the sewing thing and was a bit hesitant about the durability of my craftsmanship.

I was so happy with the one I made for my daughter that I decided to make one for my friends’ daughter. She will be turning 1 soon and I think it’ll be a great gift :).


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