I’ve Returned!!

Here I am!! Did you miss me?… I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Things have been very busy here and on top of it all I had some laptop issues. But issues are now resolved (and the laptop will be kept out of reach from the 1 year old).

Today I wanted to share my baby shower invites. I’m super excited about the shower, it should be a lot of fun! Although two of my very dearest friends will be hosting it I have volunteered to help with some of it because as you all know I consider myself to be fairly crafty, and to be honest I’m a little bit of a control freak… But aren’t most of us?? LOL We’ve decided to have a tea party baby shower with baby blue, white and brown teddy bears as our decoration scheme.

Can you believe that I didn’t use my Cricut?? I used white card stock for the base measuring 4 1/4″x5 1/2″ (pretty sure that’s A2, standard invitation size). The baby blue patterned paper is an unknown brand I found at this great little shop and it measures 3 3/4″x5″. I printed the wording off my printer on vellum (not sure of the weight) and it measures 3 1/4″x4 1/2″. I used vellum adhesive squares from Creative Memories to adhere my vellum. The little teddy bear is a sticker from  Mrs. Grossman’s sticker line. Lastly I used my hole punch to punch some holes and baby blue ribbon from my stash to make a bow.

…So after reviewing my pic I noticed that there’s a typo!! (I made extra sure I used spelling/grammer check, too!) Oh, well. There’s nothing to be done now. I’m sure most will figure out that it’s “hoted BY” not “hosted my”. Just so you all are aware I did edit some of the “personal details” on the pic. You know. Just in case 😉


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