School is out and with temperatures in the 100’s I think it’s fair to say that summer is here. Today was the first day of both my kids being home all day. Although it was a great day, I have to admit I’m exhausted!! Usually while Dezerai (my 6 year old) is in school I get to take a nap with Anthony (my 1 year old), but since they were both home today there was no nap for me 😦  I didn’t realize how much my pregnant body relied on those naps! LOL

Today while Anthony slept Dezerai and I decided to spend some “girl time” getting crafty, something she mentioned would be fun to do every day that Anthony slept… I think she takes after her mama! LOL… I let her choose our project and was surprised to hear her say that she wanted to make mosaics. We haven’t made mosaics in a LO-NG time. After designing our mosaics, flipping through several of my old magazines, choosing our colors, and using mod podge here’s what we came up with:



I made one too!

I used a hole puncher and some ribbon from my stash to display our lovely artwork 🙂


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