Gift Tags

I’ve created some gift tags for… You guessed it!… GIFTS! My daughter goes to AWANA Club at our church, and at this last meeting they asked us to donate “gifts for baby Jesus”. Basically it’s any wrapped baby gift that the church will donate to a local crisis center for children. We decided to donate two gifts and I made tags for them since the church had asked for a brief description of the item to be put on the gift.

AAAHHHH!!! I just realized that my photo program crashed, and I had to “force quit” causing the pictures I just uploaded to be erased. AND I erased them from my camera thinking I had downloaded them!!! Oh, I’m sad! I had some cute pictures of my son on there too!! 😦

(My hubby came in and saved the day!!)

I used Simply Charmed Cartridge on My Cricut Expression for the image of the penguin. I also used Plantin SchoolBook for the oval tag part. I then used silver Stickles (that I smooshed down with my finger) for the glitter, and wrote “Merry Christmas” in black marker. All the paper was basic card stock.

For this one I used the Simply Charmed cartridge on my Cricut Expression to cut out the “Happy Holidays” (both the words and the shadow) the Holly paper is heidi grace designs Shimmer Flocked Paper- “Holly Happy”. The white Tag part is basic white card stock paper.

My last tag (for now) is a tag I made for the gift basket that I’m donating to my daughter’s school for their Holiday Sing-A-Long. It’s a basket with some Mary Kay product (I’m a beauty consultant for Mary Kay) and a mini bottle of sparkling apple cider. I choose to do this tag with the idea that you would pamper your hands (or feet), drink a little sparkling cider and “chill out”.

I used all the same supplies as I did for the other two tags. Just goes to show how many different ways you can use the same cartridge, card stock, and paper!! I love it. This is why I save all my scraps 🙂

On another note, I also cleaned my Cricut mat today. I’m pretty excited about it, because the mats can get a little pricey if you use your Cricut as much as I do. FIrst, I soaked it in some warm soapy water to loosen all the little bits of “excess” that accumulates over time as well as any non-sticky glue. Then I wiped it down with a wet sponge and dried it off. Lastly, I applied a mixture of Aleene’s® Tack-It Over & Over Glue and water (It’s a equal parts mixture) with a sponge brush. It worked like a charm! My mat is sticky, and aside from a few giveaways, it looks like new. I Love it!! Oh, I also got the idea of the glue and mixture from YouTube. Just search “making your cricut mat sticky again” and it should come up.


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