Covered Wipe Case

Today has been such a busy day!! Seems I went inside every store today! On the bright side though I got all my shopping done. I only have a few more gifts on my list and then I’m done with Christmas gifts. YAY!

I just finished covering a regular sized wipe case. I’ve been covering travel wipe cases for a while now, and have been fairly successful selling them to friends and such. A friend ordered this case and she’s going to be using it for her daughter’s markers and other such art supplies. What a creative idea, right? Silly me always thought of theses as WIPE cases!

I used batting on the top of the case to give it more of a fluffy look. The black and white print was some material I picked up at JoAnne. I also got the hot pink satin ribbon from JoAnne. I gave the case a little “bling” on the top with some rhinestone accent. (I got the rhinestones at JoAnne too.)


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