Pooh Font Cartridge

For my birthday I received a gift card to Michaels, and it just so happens that there was a sale on Cricut Cartridges. Of course I got there late, so they were pretty sold out BUT they did have Disney’s Pooh Font cartridges left, so I bought it. I’ve been having fun with it and here’s a couple cards I made so far. I want to do some scrapbook pages soon, but need a few pictures of the kids developed before I can get to that.

This is the project that comes in the instruction booklet of the Pooh Font Cartridge. I just followed the instructions it gave, and it turned out super cute! Now all I have to do is decide which friend I will be sending it to 🙂

I made this card for no one in particular, but I really wanted to use the Tigger. He’s super cute and fun. We have many friends with “new” babies though, so I’m sure one of them will get this card at their first birthday.

This card isn’t for anyone in particular either. I love the Shadow Creative Feature this Cartridge offers though, and had fun making the card.


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