Birthday Card

This is the card I made my mother-in-law for her birthday.

What you’ll need:
-Cricut “Storybook” Cartridge
-1 sheet of white card stock
-1 sheet of purple card stock
-1 sheet of green card stock
-1 sheet of flower pattern paper
-1 sheet of green pattern paper
-Stickles “Silver” glitter
-Glue stick
-Glue Pen (optional)
-Computer & Printer (optional)

-Print “Happy Birthday” in pink using Apple Chancery on font size 72 on white card stock (this is optional, you could write it out if you wanted)
-Align Cricut blade to be under the happy, just under the two ‘p’s and set this as “center point” on Cricut
-Cut < Butterfly> using “Accent Blackout” feature at 5″
-Cut < Daisy> using “Fancy Corner” feature on green pattern paper at 2 1/2″ twice
-Cut < Daisy> using “Fancy Corner” feature on green card stock at 2″ twice
-Cut purple card stock to 10″x7″
-Cut flower pattern paper to 6″x 4 1/2″
-Cut remaining portion of white card stock to 6″x4 1/2″
-Fold 10″x7″ purple card stock in half (this is your actual card)
-Glue 6″x4 1/2″ white card stock to bottom inside panel of card
-Glue 6″x4 1/2″ flower pattern paper to front of card
-Glue “Happy Birthday” centered on front
-Glue one green patterned < Daisy> to top right corner of front
-Glue second green patterned < Daisy> to bottom left corner of front
-Glue solid green < Daisy> on top of both green patterned < Daisy>
-Glue Stickles dot on each < Daisy> flower and along trim of “Happy Birthday”


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